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Evergreen © Michael Schacht, 2018

Evergreen has lots of easily-controlled sail in the twin biplane rig with wishbone booms and hollow wooden masts.  A gennaker may also be flown off one mast or the other for light wind reaching/running. Construction is ‘glassed 1/2” and 1/4” plywood and epoxy over bulkheads and light battens.

The hulls telescope to sailing width with aluminum struts in ‘glass tubes.  The captain may steer from either cabin or the spacious bridgedeck, which also makes for a great living platform for the camping tent.

Evergreen, a trailerable weekender catamaran, is the result of a collaboration between industrial/boat designer Michael Schacht and me for the WoodenBoat Magazine Design Challenge III (2011).  We drew and modelled a 5-panel hull for ease of construction and good performance.

Evergreen 6.0 - a biplane-rigged catamaran

LOA - 19-’8” (6.0m)

LWL - 19'-4" (5.89 m)

Beam - 11’-4" (3.45m)

Draft - 17"-25" (.42 -.63m)

Sailing Displ.- 1,350 lbs (612 kg)

Trailering Weight - 950 lbs (431kg)

Trailering Width - 8’-5” (2.56m)

Sail Area - 280 ft.  (25m  )

Bruce#- 1.52


2            2

Construction plans have been started, and we’re planning on offering for sale a detailed plan booklet, video, full-size patterns, and construction kits.  An expedition version is also planned. 

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For more information on Evergreen, please contact Michael Schacht directly at contact@proafile.com