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     Welcome to the website of McGowan Marine Design, Inc., featuring the design and experimental work of Laurie McGowan.  Opened in 2001, this is a full-service office providing custom and semi-custom boat design services: concept drawings, CAD (3D modelling and movies, 2D plans, renderings), 3D 'unfolding' to 2D patterns, and stability, speed, powering, propeller, sail and rigging analyses.  I also complete Transport Canada fishing vessel plan submissions and stability booklets, and experiment with fuel and energy saving techniques and devices (with some excellent results!).


What’s New:

Mischief Yachts - several very different designs for a client in Indonesia: A 64’ sloop, a 14’ sailing tender (built), a 50’ ocean-crossing power trimaran, and a 14’ Sea Sled.

Submarine Climber:

  playground climber

    for the Halifax

     waterfront - beside 

       the Maritime

         Museum of the


Fundy Cat 16 - a true 16’ (4.9m) sailing performance cruiser with lots of sail, solar/electric auxiliary, and weekend cruising for a small family.

Zip - a fast and fun 23’ (7m) tabloid trimaran

32’ Pilot Boat - a fast and seaworthy workboat for the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Built by LeBlanc Brothers Boatbuilders, of Wedgeport, NS

Evergreen - a 6m (19.67’) design

competition collaboration with Michael Schacht.

                              All vessels and structures on this page were designed using TouchCad: here is a small copy of the movie that I presented while a panelist at the 2012 IBEX show in Louisville, KY. (Windows version here)  And also a fun project that Claes Lundstrom - creator of TouchCad completed in 2013: the Despicablimp!  I am a TouchCad beta tester and get a lot of help from Claes when finding a software problem or need a special boat design-related feature in the program.  I don’t receive anything from him except programmer and software design help.  

Energy Efficient Cruiser

A slippery cruiser with a unique look, layout, drive and steering system.


- a 16’ (4.88m) Scow Cruiser

  that might make you laugh!

Southwest Retro Marine Trawler 25Southwest_25T.htmlSouthwest_25T.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

A versatile 25’ (7.62m) Trawler Yacht based on a Nova Scotian workboat hull.

   Hot Hot Hot!

A solar/electric water

taxi for the Caribbean

Running Tide 43

- a 43’ (13.1m) biplane-rigged catamaran for a very experienced sailor and author in Australia

Whale Shark Climber
Proposal for an aquarium 
Designed using TouchCad

HMS Bounty: I am completing the preliminary work on a 120‘ (36.6m) on-deck full-rigged sailing replica for the Tall Ship Bounty Development Project.  More soon....

Sailing Canoe 

- 18’ (4.5m) Sailing Canoe for an experience canoe sailer and woodworker in New Jersey.

Outrigger Canoe  

- a 24’ (7.32m) One-person ocean racing outrigger for a (big) client in California.  When a small canoe just won’t do!

Sketchbook: Michael Schacht and I have a new spot in WoodenBoat Magazine - where people write in with their dream boats and we design them!  See Aurora, Gypsy, Seahawk, Stella Maris, Mini Mocha, Loon, Eureka!, Chimaera, etc... A new website is in the works as well.

60’ Schooner Hull fairing and   ballast and construction patterns for schooner builder David Westergard,  in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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Bahamas Cruiser

- preliminary work on a 48’ (13.72m) shallow draft cruiser in the Bahamas.

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