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First Sail - A blustery day off Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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The “Thoosa” (Lynch) electric drive setup by NGC Marine Products in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was chosen because an outboard in a well would have ruined the stern (and would have been awful to use), and there was no room nor desire for a hot, loud, and stinky diesel in the tropics. Ample sunlight and an incredible electric motor tipped the scales in favour of a renewable energy system. Just under hullspeed is reached at half-throttle, and the boat can cruise like this for approximately 5 hours. And the motor is silent!  (Update: the motor and batteries work great, but there’s been a chronic problem with the controller - that controls electricity in and out.  They weren’t able to fix the seemingly simple problem in a reasonable way so Tom’s opting for a small diesel.) 

Flexible solar panels are laid out in the cockpit for battery recharging when Czarina is moored (4 panels are needed for solar recharging as two panels provide enough juice to just overcome the resistance within the battery bank), or 'regeneration' can take place by allowing the 3-blade prop to freewheel while sailing.  (a 2-blade prop will not freewheel)  Generator or shore power is needed if batteries are run down at the end of the day, as there is no sunlight for solar recharging.  A demountable wind generator would be ideal.

Czarina is powerful, with lots of sail. Apart from the all ‘glass centreboard and trunk, construction was completed using Covey Island’s tried and true wood/epoxy methods. Strip planking below the chine with mahogany plywood above has resulted in a very strong vessel, and the crew at Covey Island's attention to detail is dazzling.

Czarina was commissioned by repeat Covey Island Boatbuilders customer, Tom Goodwin, of The Bahamas. Tom, an experienced sailor, seaplane pilot, and artist was very clear about the detailing of his boat: starting with his sketches, and based on a hard-chine schooner by Edward A. Stinson of 1890 we were able to model a husky yet sleek design. It's hard to tell if the ketch is 22 or 40 feet long at times... usually a good sign that the lines are harmonious.

Czarina - a solar/electric ketch

A lovely video by Agent M of Tom sailing Czarina off Nassau may be seen here.

(Warning: for those tired of the rat race, this video may cause you problems)