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DesChamp and Jackson 20


Designed in 2006 this skiff is somewhat typical of the small open workboats that are the inshore workhorses of Atlantic Canada and the Northeast U.S. Used for Rockweed harvesting, Lobster and handline fisheries and for ferrying people and supplies to islands: they're able to carry large loads with relatively small outboards. The spray/planing rail makes the design different than most as even when heavily loaded the rails this boat to plane at quite hight speeds.  Top speed 30 knots with an Evinrude 90hp motor.

This skiff was commissioned by Roland DesChamp Sr. of DesChamp and Jackson Boatbuilders and finely built by him and the crew there.  The fairly fine entry, flat run, good-sized planing rails and high sides have resulted in a handy and dry boat with a good turn of speed and excellent load carrying abilities. Fitted with a small wheelhouse and cabin (vee berth, galley, head) this is an excellent year-round workboat or family weekender.  Female moulds were made for all the ‘glass pieces in the boat, and the finish is excellent.  Unfortunately, Roland is a true builder and doesn’t look back: he doesn’t have any pictures of the finished boat or care that much about sales.  I’ll keep trying to get pictures!

Here is a movie of the DJ 20

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