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This is a serious micro-cruiser - intended for light winds or stormy weather, with loads of easily-reefed sail and with self-righting stability.  The hull construction of the Fundy Cat 16 is the same as with the Mischief Tender , but with the addition of a few bulkheads and inside ballast (including batteries).  Eventually, the boat is meant to be offered as a kit-in-a-box.

There is also an electric drive motor that may be used for electric regeneration, and the plate ‘wings’ on the aft end of the rudder (and especially the keel) add rig-balancing lateral plane while directing water flow to the prop - for more water from forward, and less from below. 

This catboat features a powerful modern fathead mainsail (Dacron, radially-cut), wishbone boom, sleek hull, winged drop rudder, 3 berths, a small head and galley, 1.83m (6’) long self-draining cockpit, 1.42m (4’-8”) of headroom, and a solar/electric drive setup with folding 3-blade prop (fixed prop needed for regeneration).  The efficient centreboard is offset so that the hull may be bottomed-out without jamming the slot with rocks and shells, and the case remains out of the way belowdecks.  The only high-tech material is a small amount of carbon fibre in the hollow wooden birds mouth mast and boom.

A simple Mini Transat-style swing-back bowsprit, lines led to the cockpit, bow roller, and foredeck well will make sail and line handling a snap.  With 3 reef lines, self-righting stability, and a self-draining cockpit it’s obvious that this is intended to be an all-weather sailboat, good for for passagemaking as well as daysailing.

Fundy Cat 16 - an able micro-cruiser


LOD -  4.88m  (16.0')

LWL - 4.55m  (14.9')

Beam - 2.29m  (7.5')

Draft -  0.36 - 133m  (1.2' - 4.4')

Displ. - 890 kg  (1,965 lbs)

Ballast -  295 kg (650 lbs)

Mainsail -  19 m    (205 ft   )

Gennaker - 19.3 m    (208 ft   )

D/L - 263

Ballast/D - 0.33

SA/D (Main) - 20.9

Electric motor - 1.5 - 4 kW (2-5 hp)

Solar Panels - 2 flexible @ 20 W each

                     or one single 40W on

                     a bracket.

2                2

The head doubles as the step below.

A slide-out sink under the bridgedeck, along with the single alcohol or propane burner makes the simple galley. Icebox storage is in a cockpit locker.

A boom tent dramatically increases the all-weather living space while at anchor.

Here’s a little movie that shows very well the hull and rig of the Fundy Cat 16.


2                2

There may be a traditional double full-length 1.93m (6’-4”) vee berth, with 3/4 berth for a child or pet to starboard, or the staggered version shown may be used.  The latter is a bit more user-friendly for galley duty.

Discussions are ongoing with Tern Boat Works about developing the  construction kit and plans.

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A slightly deeper full-keel version (still with wings) would greatly open up the interior, simplify rudder and hull construction, lower cost, and still be very easily trailered.