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Designed for Simon Bolt, of Indonesia, Mischief is named after and inspired by the radical 1881 America’s Cup defender of the same name.  While waiting for a lines plan of the original sloop I ran an idea by Simon - why not build this like a Fundy Sharpie, using the best of proven modern wood/epoxy construction combined with some of the best features of production fibreglass construction, and with a more powerful shape than the original.  Simon, a very experienced sailor and sailboat production manager, liked the idea.  He also liked the idea of using traditional detailing but with a modern take on things - to meet the needs of today’s racers and cruisers.

     A Bright Layout

Mischief’s powerful rig

General Arrangement

Illustration by Michael Schacht

Latest Development: 64 feet long, Reverse Bow, and Very Deep Forefoot

   Cons: ruins foredeck, and has no reserve buoyancy             Single pro: looks cool!

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