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24’ Outrigger Paddling Canoe

This is designed for a client in California who wants a high-performance outrigger canoe for really, really big people!  Or, to use his words: “I'm a big fan of any descriptions that include "giant mutant atavistic throwback" or make reference to jutting brows (or "sun shade", a highly evolved characteristic in a global-warming world) and the ability to scratch one's knees without stooping.”  Excellent:  I have a brother-in-law this describes perfectly, and can imagine the fun he’d have in a boat like this.  Designed for a crew weight in the range of 240 - 280 lbs. (109 - 127 kg).



Beam Main Hull

Beam Overall

Prototype weight (estimate)

Ama volume -  100 lbs,  or 1.6 cu. ft. or 45 L




60 lbs.


50.8 cm

152.4 cm

27 kg

The asymmetrical main hull (with more volume aft of the mid-point) is designed for a higher hullspeed with less effort than a symmetrical setup, and is designed for varying sea states.  Moderate rocker and a lifting rudder will help with tracking and the rounded foredeck will help shed water quickly.  The ama (outrigger) with sweeping bow and planing sections aft will help with riding over waves then surfing down them when heading toward shore.  The waterline shown has a displacement of 320 pounds or 145 kilograms. Construction in fibreglass to start this year and a lighter racing version is planned.

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