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Sulis - a 32’ (9.75m) Solar/Electric Cruiser

Sulis has an interesting design evolution. This is explained in this submission to Concept Boat. Due to a restriction on the submission length, I couldn’t fully explain what I hoped the "Chunnel Jet" (now called ‘Chunnel Keel’) hull would be able accomplish.

Much of the boat design literature dealing with displacement efficiency through water indicates that wave-making represents from 75% - 85% of a vessel's resistance through water, while friction only represents from 15% - 25%. Hopefully, in the Chunnel Jet a slight increase in wetted surface will be offset by much improved propeller and rudder efficiency, less rudder drag, better directional stability, shallow draft, and perhaps most importantly, reduced wave-making resistance. Not a bad trade… if it works. As well, I hope that the relatively wide stance of the boat (the buoyancy in the hull is spread wide by the tunnel) will make for a stable vessel, with good roll characteristics.

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Sulis v.9 - Draketail

A more refined hull with increased interior living space - with either a fully-enclosed cabin or a small semi-circular cockpit aft (I like this version - you could have roll-up cockpit sides for cooler weather).  Access to water via sliding side window ‘doors’ or two-door ‘tailgate’.

Sulis was an entry in the Concept Boat 2004 design competition in England.

This year’s theme focused on designs that:

  1. 1.made increased use of renewable resources, or

  2. 2.were energy and resource efficient, or,

  3. 3.were low emission or non-polluting designs, and/or

  4. 4.minimized the effect of boating on the marine environment.

I believe that all four ideals were met in this design.